Think RICH: 7 Things Successful People Know (That Others Don’t)

Cody Sperber
By Cody Sperber |

The mind is a powerful thing, and those who learn how to harness that power are the ones who make things happen in life. I firmly believe that creating a millionaire mindset is the single most important thing that will determine whether you achieve success as a real estate investor or whether you fall short.

It’s more important than all the knowledge you can attain and more important than having a large bankroll. Really.

In real estate, as in any other business, you will be entering into the unknown. You’ll leave your comfort zone and face challenges and obstacles that are completely unfamiliar.

Sound Advice

Believe me when I say, I wasn’t born a millionaire. I’m just an average guy who started out at the same place as anyone else in this business.

So how did I wind up winning at the game of real estate – and ultimately winning in the game of life? It’s because of sound advice and wisdom that was imparted to me by my mentors. Basically, it’s the same advice that I will share with you here.

These are tools that will make a difference in your personal and professional life; with these tools, you’ll learn how to shift your mentality so that you can begin to think like rich people think. (In other words, you’ll learn how to develop a millionaire mindset.)

Consider how fortunate you are to be living in a day and age when you no longer have to do business as it was done in the past. Technology has opened doors, and created opportunities unheard of only a few decades ago.

Think about it…

Who would ever think that a nerdy guy like me, who grew up shy and insecure, would today be teaching people like you how to make money? But yet, here we are. We’re the new rich. We’re taking advantage of these opportunities and making piles of cash along the way.

7 Tips

But first you must become fully aware of how to win in the mental arena. I want to share with you 7 quick tips to help you acquire your own millionaire mindset.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #1

Make it your goal in life to study and learn how wealthy people think. You’ll quickly find that their perception of money and wealth is much different than people who merely live from paycheck to paycheck.

workFor instance, the average person may look at the rich and think that they work all the time. But the truth is, they’re following their passion. They’re doing what they love to do and getting paid for it. To them, it’s not work.

Those in the middle class take jobs they don’t like because they’ve been trained and conditioned by society to live in a linear-thinking world that equates earning money with going to work, working hard, getting through the week and living for the weekend (and maybe an occasional vacation).

Time to move away from that kind of thinking.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #2

Are you the type of investor who spends hours reading books, watching videos and attending seminars about investing? Nothing wrong with learning, but no matter how much you know – or you think you know – about being a real estate investor, knowledge alone will never be enough. It takes purposeful action on your part.

Those who are wealthy have an action mentality. Meanwhile, the masses are waiting for their “ship to come in.” (This means some big break such as an inheritance or the lottery.)

It’s this get-by level of thinking that breeds a mediocre approach to life, and all the while the clock of life keeps ticking away.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #3

To be successful in any business, you need laser-focused determination and the willpower to execute a game plan. If up till now, you’ve been lax in goal-setting, make every effort to change.

Create your own dream plan that outlines the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family. Make sure it’s vivid and exact.

For some, that means creating short-term and long-term lists of goals – each goal with a deadline. For others, it may involve creating a dream board where you will post pictures of those things you are dreaming of doing, places you dream of going, and the type of business you dream of having.

This is what it means to be laser-focused! You know what you’re working for and working toward.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #4

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of life. And anybody can start over. Nothing is permanent. Never let a mistake, or a perceived failure, cause you to stop or slow down.

mistakeIt’s how fast you refocus that will determine your future success. Don’t be afraid to take a few risks and jump on opportunities when they’re in front of you.

Donald Trump went from being a millionaire to being nine billion dollars in debt, and yet he never even thought about quitting. In fact, he came back richer than ever. Why? Because he had not lost his millionaire mindset!

The truly wealthy choose to learn and grow from every experience – success or failure.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #5

Self-help truly means helping yourself. Nobody’s going to do it for you.

As much as this may go against the grain, it’s nonetheless true: The rich go out there and try to make themselves happy.

They’re not out to save the world. They’re aware that if they fail to take care of themselves, they will never be in a position to help anyone else. The average wage earner looks on this as a negative, but it serves only to keep them poor.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #6

Speed is everything in the world of real estate investing. The faster you can adapt in a changing market, the more money you’re going to make.

Realize that the rich don’t just sit back and wait. In an ever-changing world, rich people think about the future but have the means to act now. Good investors know how to make a quick decision to seize a fleeting opportunity.

You may have heard the term, ready, fire, aim. This concept is all about velocity. It involves the amazing benefits of moving from idea to action at the fastest possible speed.

This certainly doesn’t mean reckless abandon, but it does mean you can be set free from the paralysis of analysis.

Millionaire Mindset Tip #7

For the final tip, it’s essential that you surround yourself with business associates and mentors who care about you and your success. This is mandatory if you want to achieve financial freedom.

mentorThe middle class often has a negative opinion about the rich – seeing them as exclusive and snobbish. The fact is, rich people want to surround themselves with like-minded people. The average wage-earner, with their negative money mentality, is not the type of company the wealthy are looking for. They simply cannot afford to listen to the messages of doom and gloom

And you cannot afford to listen to such voices either.

Take a good look around you. Who are you hanging out with? Are you letting those who are satisfied with a mediocre existence affect you and your thinking?

If so, then it’s time to make a change. Begin to seek out those who are doing what you want to do, and are doing it well, and invest your time listening to them – and learning from them.

There You Have It

In order to move into the realm of the wealthy, it’s imperative that your mindset is changed over first.

As you look over this list of 7 mindset tips, how many are familiar to you? How many present a brand new way of thinking? A new perception?

Go back through the list and take the time to internalize each one. What will it take for you to attain all 7? Which area needs the most attention?

Time to get started. Now. Go for it!

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