Is Marketing on LinkedIn Really Worth it?

Cody Sperber
By Cody Sperber |

2014-12-16-260Hi there, gang. I hope everyone is ready for another awesome question from one of our fellow readers. Penny Flanagan from Rochester, New York wrote in to ask:

“I’ve heard about real estate investors advertising on LinkedIn but I just don’t see how it can be time well spent. Are investors really getting leads and cash buyers through LinkedIn? How does it work?”

That is an absolutely fabulous question, Penny, and one that I’m delighted to answer. LinkedIn has made phenomenal strides in marketing quite rapidly and that gives you the ability to make connections with an audience that would pretty much be impossible to reach anywhere else.

The type of people you can access through LinkedIn are already professionals in their industry. They have made their career public knowledge within LinkedIn and, because of this – it really gives you a leg up when it comes to networking for business. But what’s really cool is that since it’s a global website, you can make connections all over the world that you wouldn’t have been able to make.

 I love LinkedIn because…

  • It allows you to export email addresses.
  • A lot of business professionals use it.
  • It’s free.
  • You can join a group.
  • There’s a lot of people from all over the country that you can get access to that you wouldn’t normally be able to get access to.
    • You can blink and suddenly notice that 20 minutes has gone by and you’re like, “What just happened, I don’t even think I accomplished anything in those 20 minutes because I was goofin’ around.”

I don’t like LinkedIn because…

To avoid this, I actually have my virtual assistant do my marketing on LinkedIn. I like to create a little screen-capturing video for my assistant…

Make a video to get stuff done

Google ‘Jing,’ and head to their website, for their free video service that allows you to create a 2-minute video. Perhaps the directions to your virtual assistant in your video will be something like this:

“Hey, please go to XXX and XXX groups and post XXX and XXX. Then, please send this pre-written message to all XXX and XXX.”

Whatever you want them to do to network on your behalf, show them how to do it in these little 2-minute videos. For just a few bucks a day an assistant can do lots of marketing for you. It’s worth it to me to spend $3 to $6 bucks a day to have someone do an hour or two of social media marketing versus me personally wasting my time and doing it.

So, Penny, LinkedIn is definitely a place you want to be networking and marketing. If you’re not, then you are missing out on a unique networking opportunity. Thanks for writing in.

cody SperberUntil next time…

Keep it real,

Keep it classy.

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