How I Make More by Doing Less

Cody Sperber
By Cody Sperber |

do less I’m pretty sure this title has intrigued you. Everyone wants to make more money, but who wants more busy work?

The secret that I’ve discovered about making more by doing less is by using the right technology. I use technology to complete tasks now that I used to do manually – or they were tasks that I didn’t have time to do at all.

I want to give you a few examples that are gonna blow your mind, and these are lifted right out of my business. I, along with many of my students and partners, am enjoying this technology privately behind closed doors. It’s called the M5 System.

To see the awesomeness that is M5, follow me down the rabbit hole as I go in-depth into the step-by-step path we took from inception to creation to modification and so on…

Direct-to-Seller Approach

In 2010, as the RE market shifted and fewer deals were available through the MLS, Home HUD Store, or foreclosure auctions, I had to move into more of a direct-to-seller approach.

I was successfully generating seller leads through all of my creative marketing techniques, but then that created a challenge. How was I supposed to organize all these leads, and then communicate with all of them? But most importantly, how could I convert the leads?

New Mobile Marketing Software

During this time, my team and I were creating mobile marketing software. This was before smart phones got so smart, so mobile marketing was just getting off the ground. We were working on brand new technology…

Everyone was still using email marketing and very few were tapping into mobile marketing. It was my goal to create a software system from the ground up.

Build Relations on Autopilot

The plan was to use automation to follow up on all these leads I was getting. I also wanted to be able to build a relationship with the leads on autopilot. By the time we got around to calling them – or engaging them to call us – they would already know who we were and were seeing our properties via our program.

We called it the Mobile Marketing Machine. We used it only in-house at first to test it. Then we sold a limited group of 500, but closed it down at the end of 2010. Only I and those 500 investors had access to this program.

Upgrade and Update

Over the years, we’ve spent time upgrading, updating, and adding cool new features. The newest one allows you to record a voicemail message, which can then be sent to anyone whose phone number you have. It bypasses the phone ringing and drops the message directly in their voicemail. We call it direct-to-voicemail technology.

Now our software could do three things:

  • Send an email, or mass emails, or drip emails out over time
  • Send a mass text message
  • Send a direct-to-voicemail message

Slow Manual Follow-up

In order to make more by doing less, we identified key points in our business that were taking up a lot of our precious time.

2014-07-29-followupOne of those was follow-up on an almost-dead lead. A seller would contact us, we would negotiate with them and go back and forth, but they were just not ready to do a deal. We would manually put a reminder in our calendar, follow up with them and try to get them back on board.

Now we can literally click a button and a drip campaign is engaged so that every month or two we can communicate with that seller. So the follow-up process is totally automated.


There are other software programs out there that will do these tasks, but it is all piecemeal. You would have to assemble multiple services and multiple log ins.

There’s no other program designed to do all of these tasks – all-in-one – for the real estate investor.

The (super-cool!) M5 does all of the following:

  • Builds your web pages
  • Collects leads online
  • Funnels leads into an email text marketer and a direct-to-voicemail marketer
  • Builds your cash buyer’s list on auto-pilot
  • Captures cash buyer leads and funnels them into a marketing system


This is by far one of the most ninja things that we do with our software…

2014-07-29-ETWhen we get a property under contract, instead of just sending an email to our buyers like we used to do or even a text message like we did in 2010, now we have a direct-to-voicemail approach. And boy does this feature work well!

I can leave a voicemail message that says:

“Hi, this is Cody and I’m calling you first. I just got a smokin’ hot deal in contract. It’s right up your alley. Huge profit spread. You’re gonna love this deal. But if you don’t call me back in the next five minutes I’m moving on to the next person. I know you want a deal and this is it. Call me XXX.XXX.XXXX.”

I’m able to send this out to all my cash buyers. The greatest thing about this is it doesn’t sound like a voice-blast to voicemail. This bypasses the phone ringing and deposits the message right in their “in” box. It never disturbs anyone. It appears as if they’ve simply missed a call from you.

It’s Done for You

We have already written all of the content on all the websites including graphics, headlines, and freebies such as a free e-book.

All of these materials are specifically written for the following niches:

  • Cash for houses
  • Foreclosure
  • VIP cash buyer
  • Rent-to-own

Four done-for-you funnels are completely built, plus all of the email follow-up messages are already written (by professional copywriters) and ready for you to use.

All you have to do is put the websites out there and generate the leads, and the system starts to work. Remember how I mentioned earlier that we identified key points that take up a lot of time, such as the follow-up of a nearly dead lead? Well, we handle those like this:

“I’ve made you an offer, but as yet you’ve not accepted it. I understand, Mr. Seller that we haven’t been able to come to terms today, but I’m going to write up an offer and send it to you. This offer is good for seven days. Think about it, and if you want to open the conversation and see if we can come to terms, give me a call. But after seven days this offer expires.”

No Lead Left Behind

I work with the concept of no lead left behind. If I generate a lead, and if I can get that person on the phone, I’m going to make an offer. While this is a good policy, it used to mean that I had to follow-up manually every day for seven days until they either accepted the offer or told us to stop calling them. What does that translate to? A lot of work.

Now, thanks to our awesome M5 system, this is all automated with a sequence of emails, text messages and voicemails that go out for seven days letting them know that the clock is ticking. (We call this the shock-clock system.)

M5 Reintroduced

While the M5 System has been off the market for years, it’s currently going to be reintroduced in a limited quantity. To learn more, check it out on my site.

Action Steps

  1. Technology is your friend – always be searching for ways to automate your business.
  2. Mobile marketing has come into its own – research to see what’s out there and how it can fit into your business model.
  3. Check out the M5 System and learn how it can literally put your business on the fast track to success.

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