Radio Bandit Signs: One of the Most Unique and Creative Ways to Build a Cash Buyers List

Cody Sperber
By Cody Sperber |

Seel me your houseHey, guys, Cody coming back at ya again today with another tip on building your cash buyers list.

Today’s tip is incredibly unique, efficient and something you probably haven’t heard about – it’s advertising for cash buyers through bandit signs and a radio transmitter. Sounds cool, right?

Well, here’s how…

Step 1: Setting up the Transmitter

1. To buy your transmitter, go to and order a transmitter for about $250.

2. Determine the best radio frequency for your area. This is usually an AM frequency between 1610 KHz-1700 KHz because of the low traffic. There may be other frequencies that work well; use your car radio to determine which stations are not being used and don’t have any interference and make a note of those possible stations.

3. Set up the transmitter in your home or office, placing it on the highest floor facing the front of your house.

4. Set up the transmitter and antenna according to the directions.

5. Allow the transmitter to calibrate and play the default prerecorded message. Then tune it to your station. Here’s the video tutorial explaining this process  (don’t let the grainy pic scare you off, it gets better and has good, helpful info):


 Step 2: Record a Message for your Potential Cash Buyers

  1. Prepare a script explaining why investors should want to be on your cash buyers list and how to contact you, and possibly some deals you might have.
  2. Record your messages (you can record up to 2).
  3. Set the transmitter to the message you currently want to broadcast.

Step 3: Make Bandit Signs

  1. Make your bandit signs and write something along the lines of this:


  1. Post your signs within range of the transmitter. For example, my transmitter is set-up at my house, so I post my bandit signs in my yard and up and down my street.
  2. Welcome all those cash buyers.

Quick Note

A great takeaway from this lesson is to always keep an eye out for new and creative ways to market and build your business because they are out there.

Whatcha Think?

Well that’s about it, folks. I hope I gave a few of you a leg up on building your cash buyers list. As always, I love interacting with you guys, so please leave a question or comment below.

Keep it real. Keep it classy.

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