How To Rehab Houses (Part 4)

Cody Sperber
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Welcome back to the final video in our 4 part series on How To Rehab Houses!  Don’t you just love FREE real estate investing training videos???

As you probably already know, fixing and flipping houses for BIG paydays can be fun if you have the right system.  Click below to catch up if you have not seen any of our other videos in the rehabbing series:

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The case study we covered was a property at 2210 W. Tonto Ln. in Phoenix, Arizona.  From start to finish this project took 71 days to complete with a net profit of approximately $53,500.  In this final video Dave (my Project Manager) and myself will continue the conversation and talk about how to properly pay your rehab crew members, and also cover the importance of a final inspection before any subs, crew members, or project managers / general contractors get paid.  Lastly Dave will share his top 5 rehabbing tips to ensure that your rehabbing experience is fun and profitable.

How To Rehab Houses (Part 4 of 4)

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the videos in our four part series on fixing and flipping houses.  I share these high quality videos with you for free because I want you to get a small taste of the level and quality of education we provide here at  If you are hungry for more tactical, step-by-step real estate investor training, and you are sick of all those so-called “gurus” and their crappy education…then click this link ASAP —> Cody’s Fast Track Profit System.

Until next time….this is your friend in the biz signing off,

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