If You Can Watch This And Not Feel Inspired, Then You Are Made Of Ice.

Cody Sperber
By Cody Sperber |

Get ready to spend the rest of the day trying to pick your jaw up off the floor and rethinking what it really means to face hardship and prevail.

Because the story you’re about to hear is not only real, but it’s going to inspire the heck out of you.

By far, one of the best parts of mentoring other investors like we do, is getting the chance to walk arm-in-arm with them across some of the biggest, toughest barriers and limiting beliefs you can imagine…

We’ve seen so many of our students (now family) go from zero to hero that we can hardly keep count… Story after story after story… massive breakthrough after breakthrough… first deals done… 10th deals done… jobs quit… millions and millions made (literally)…

The stories just keep coming and they keep getting better.

But this story… this one may just top them all.

Imagine for a Moment…

Losing your home… twice

Dealing with brain cancer… twice

Finding yourself half paralyzed

Unable to speak more than 6 words

Then suddenly plagued by epileptic seizures, daily

Your business? Destroyed…

Your family? Supportive… dedicated… loving… but also scared to death

How are you going to support them, while you deal with this?

How are you even going to deal with this?

This Is Not a Hypothetical…

All this (and more actually, if you can believe it) happened to our good friend and once-aspiring real estate investor, Nick.

It’s what he very understandably calls his “worst decade ever.”

Can you even blame him? I mean, what would this kind of experience do to you?

Knock the wind out of your sails? To say the least…

More like, totally ripping your sails right off, obliterating that tiny boat called “your life” on the jagged rocks and then let the seagulls pick your bones.

That’s more like how most of us would probably handle it.

But Not Nick.

Nick prevailed. Nick’s an amazing, AMAZING human being.

And Nick… well, he JUST. WON’T. QUIT.

I don’t want to spoil this for you, so please just click “play” on the video and let Nick share his story with you in his own words. I promise you’ll be grateful you did.

I also promise you these 3 things:

  • You will finish this video feeling motivated and inspired as hell.
  • You will NEVER see your own obstacles the same way again. Never.
  • You will probably need some tissues before this is over.

When you hear this story, you’ll be amazed.

OK, So Here Goes…

So there ya go… Nick’s amazing, AMAZING story.

I Know, Right?!?

Here’s the deal: Everyone has a story… and every story has its own challenges… and those challenges always shape us.

Like Nick, I know you have your own challenges too. We all do.

I have no idea how your challenges shape up against what Nick has endured, but you’ve got yours all the same, and they truly matter.

But here’s the thing — the thing that SO FEW PEOPLE EVER REALLY GET… and it’s kind of the “magical secret” of our “challenges” and how they shape us…

Here’s the Secret…

We may not get to choose our challenges… but we DO get to choose how our challenges shape us.

easierNick had some mighty rotten stuff to contend with, didn’t he?

Why didn’t it flat-out destroy him?

Because he flat-out refused to let it.

Nick’s decided that, rather than let his many life-sucker-punches destroy him, he would instead use them as fuel for the fire, and that he would never let that fire burn out.

Just… wow.

So What about You?

So after hearing Nick’s story, I just have to ask you…

What’s your excuse?

Your obstacles can’t be bigger than Nick’s have been up to now…

How will you let them define you? For the worse or the better? Will you let them crush you, or sharpen you into an even better version of yourself, like our buddy, Nick, did?

If you want to follow Nick’s lead, we’d love to be a part of your success story too.

Reach out to us.

Lemme Hear From You

Do you have something inspiring to share? Drop it in the comments section below.


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