Meet Cody Sperber


Cody Sperber is widely acclaimed as one of the most impactful real estate investors, entrepreneurs, brand builders, and direct response marketers in the entire country.  With millions of social media followers Cody has built a powerful personal brand that has helped him start and scale 6 successful 8 figure businesses bringing in well over $250,000,000 in sales over the last 20 years.  From mentoring his real estate students to consulting entrepreneurs on how to build a powerful personal brand, Cody has been delivering results to help transform the lives of anyone who wants to step into their full potential.


Cody Sperber

Whether it's CEO coaching, consulting on marketing, helping you build a powerful personal brand, or showing you how to build wealth through real estate investing, Cody's here to speak at your event or help you scale up your business results quickly!
Experience & Impact

Cody’s impact runs much deeper than most people ever see. Most of Cody’s millions of social media followers only know him as “The Clever Investor” a successful real estate investor from Arizona but the truth is behind the scenes Cody has helped engineer some of the most powerful personal & professional brands you see online today. As a consultant Cody has helped many “influencers” and “entrepreneurs” hack social media and scale their influence quickly through overhauling and automating their content creation process, reinventing their sales strategies to monetize their followers, and ultimately driving exponential growth both in reach and net profits.

Want the ultimate “go fast and get results” social media hack?  Cody has it and now that he has sold one of his latest companies which took up a ton of his time for 8 figures, he now has the time and desire to help you get the results you’re looking for!

Now is your moment to engage Cody and access his profound knowledge and insights, depths that few individuals on the planet can provide. Whether you wish to have him as a speaker on your platform or to collaborate on strategies to skyrocket your business, the opportunity is at your doorstep to introduce Cody into your world and experience the transformative impact he brings.

Clever Investor Show

A weekly dose of investing advice as if given to you by your favorite wingman, drinking buddy, or in some cases your cell-mate! Each episode delivers “AHA” moments and has you walking away with your horizons expanded and the confidence to go out and pull the trigger to unlock your earning potential!




Be seen, make impact, and grow your reach through this step-by-step system that shows you how to affordably build a powerful personal brand powered by A.I.

Maximize your exposure, visibility, and marketing reach without breaking your budget!

This course is brand new and in development and will be coming soon.


Want to learn how to flip houses for quick cash?  Instead of buying another course or trying to figure everything out on your own…I’m paying good people like you to help me find good deals!

I’ll give you access to my deal finding software, multiple online courses, and even put up any money needed to do the deal and when I flip the property we split the profits!



Want to use A.I. to find the most profitable off-market deals within seconds anywhere in the USA?

With the A.I. Real Estate System you not only get access to the most powerful lead generation tool ever created, you also get access to Cody’s best online courses, tools, scripts, resources, and team members.

This is everything you need to generate the lead, close the deal, outsource the work and…GET PAID!

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Best known for their work to protect elephants, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) operates the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.

From conservation to anti-poaching to rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned infant elephants and rhinos this is Cody’s favorite charity focused on animals.

Green Elephant Development

Green Elephant Development is a “For Purpose” real estate development company founded by Cody and one of his best friends Bryant Aplass that specializes in building luxury houses in the Phoenix-Metro markets.

From using “green” building materials to sharing a portion of every house profit they make towards Elephant conservation…every house tells a story and makes an impact!

Start investing in your future now with secured investing programs.

Put your lazy money to work for you and earn double digit returns backed by real estate!

Clever Capital Fund is committed to making a positive impact with strategic investments that elevate growth starved communities. Our Residential & Multi-Family Fund specializes in units across the U.S. We are professionally owned and operated, and our expertise is in implementing value add strategies. We are very hands on when it comes to asset management and maintain strong on-going communications with our property management teams.




Cody delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes that transform your event attendee’s experience by challenging the way people think. He’s spoken on stages ranging from a few hundred people to over 10,000 live and virtual attendee’s.

If you are looking for a dynamic addition to your next live or virtual event email and let’s get Cody to your next your event!